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10 Ways To Increase Your Instagram Followers – Rap Rehab

    If you missed the memo, Instagram is hot. Everyone thought that when Facebook bought it for a billion dollars three years ago that it would lose its cool factor and the kids would leave. Everyone couldn’t have been more wrong. With more than 300 million active monthly users, it has surpassed Twitter. And nearly half of all Instagram users are under 25. It’s important. There are now famous Instagramers making a living off of sponsored Instagramming (from brands). Artists need to learn to use (and love) Instagram now more than ever. It has officially become a must-use social network for artists. And if done right, it can grow your fan base more than Facebook or Twitter.

    Like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is a community. You have to learn what is accepted and what is looked down upon in this community. There is proper etiquette that must be followed or you will be shunned. You wouldn’t go to a funeral in a Hawaiian shirt; you wouldn’t mosh at a folk concert; you wouldn’t wear a wetsuit to a backyard pool party. Don’t use Instagram like you use Facebook, Twitter, Vine or Snapchat. These are separate communities and there is different etiquette.

    Instagram has become one of the best ways to promote shows, new songs and videos. But don’t over do it! A good rule of thumb for Instagram, only 10% of your feed should promote or sell something. Of course, when a tour or album release is looming, you’re going to be promoting a lot more frequently, so make sure you balance that period with a long stretch of time where you’re not promoting anything.

    Here are 10 reasons why you probably have very few Instagram followers or likes. #10