Artists nowadays have to understand the power of marketing in regards to sharing their music. The industry is constantly changing.

Artists did not have to worry about marketing in the past. They just released the music and let the record label do all the work. The label set up the shows, the label dictated the image for the artist via Artist Development, the label shelled out money for video and more.

Artists today are not afforded that luxury. They have to develop a DIY attitude to build relationships with their fans.

Artists need to understand the power of marketing. Where do artists start? In order to understand marketing you have to study marketing.

Below you will find a comprehensive list post of Marketing Masterminds that you should be following on Twitter. Twitter is awesome because of the 140 character limit. These Marketing Masterminds tweet valuable content! I utilized my Music Industry Giants and Source of Information Twitter Lists to compile this list.

The list post will contain influential bloggers, music marketers, marketers, marketing companies, A & R’s, record label owners and more. Check out the complete list here