(This was from last year… But nothing has really changed)

By Paul Porter


#1 Black America has unfortunately fallen victim to a commercial brand of Hip Hop that has replaced lyricists with the lyrically challenged.

#2 (Substitute 2Chainz here) Rick Ross and his man boobs. His exposed tattooed, bloated stomach. His exposed sweaty underwear. And the droopy pants are played for a grown ass man. Wearing that fur coat like he’s Maybach’s O’s tired pimp. And he was just all around disrespectful; promoting his “Black Bar Mitzvah” mixtape is reason enough for Us to work on self empowerment. (I have seen this script in the past) Black “artists” always copy other cultures; Jewish Bar Mitzvahs, Italian Mob bosses, instead of being the Kings and Queens we once were. Nobody’s imitating an African warrior or King Tut.

#3 We already know who’s going to win what ‘award’ already. Even our biggest, A-List stars don’t even bother to attend (Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kanye with numerous nominations, Alicia Keys)

#4 I did not want to see any award given to any  pioneer (Charlie Wilson) that BET ignores during its regular programming. I don’t fall for ratings stunts.

#5 Kendrick Lamar showed up during the broadcast numerous times; doing a cypher, handing out awards, etc.. Yet, BET did not care about him last year when he dropped his acclaimed album, Section.80 with the little known label, Top Dawg Entertainment. He signed with Dr. Dre and paper paying Interscope and all of a sudden he’s getting as much exposure as all the big stars (Ross, Young Jeezy, 2 Chainz, etc.). Interscope has money and BET doesn’t want to miss out on that.

#6 I hate bleeped performances. BET lets everybody curse. Those same artists that go to the MTV Awards, American Music Awards, Grammys and such and use the clean versions of their songs. It is simply not good TV.

#7 Supporting the music enemy, network BET is cosigning corporate corruption, payola and programming that develops lazy minds. Fool me once but I have seen this tired act before. Supporting one of BET’s most profitable nights is akin to giving crack to children. I refuse to support Jim Crow media.

Bonus: El Debarge