Since the commercial rap world is filled with fictional murders and threats– is the recent sentencing of two Pittsburgh Rappers going to change things?

According to Opposing Views:

Two young men were sentenced to prison for a slew of charges all stemming from an arrest made after the pair recorded and released a rap video that referenced both convicted cop-killer Richard Poplawski and two specific officers who previously arrested them.

Jamal Knox, age 19, and Rashee Beasley, age 22, of Pittsburgh, Pa., who go by the rap monikers “Mayhem Mal” and “Soulja Beaz” respectively, were arrested on March 20, 2013. They lied about their identities and ran from police, but it all began because they made a rap song and the police took it seriously.

The ruling, handed down by Allegheny County judge Jeffrey Manning, dismissed the plaintiffs’ First Amendment concerns according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “This isn’t about freedom of speech,” he told the court. “It clearly was intimidation of witnesses. It clearly was terroristic threats.”

While the original video was removed from YouTube, RapRehab has the original audio track below for your review. Do you think anyone should be put in jail for rap lyrics?


Mayhem Mal & Soulja Beaz – F*ck the Police