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America: Afraid of us, we should be afraid of you

    Listen Up “Afraid & Armed” Prejudice Men

    The adjective ‘sick’ is barely enough to describe my emotions as images of wailing mothers, like those of slain youth Trayvon and Jordan, grasp each other’s weak arms – both aching in pain of losing a child to senseless murder. I’m at such a grotesque level in my own spirit, at the idea of such diluted hearts and souls of ‘humans’ whom would raise guns in the face of children, who are minding their business.

    Have we really been sold or taught on the idea of how ‘thugs’ dress? Are we experts on the clothing, skin color, and age of a ‘killer’?

    Apparently, a few armed, ‘afraid for their lives’ gunmen had it down pact. With armed weapons, demands to silence radios in public, and eagerness to follow kids who walk home at night, hardcore decisions were made by a few ‘law abiding sentences’ – protected under ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws.

    Dear, self-proclaimed reputable men, there are some things you need to hear. Maybe you will learn something.

    Don’t you dare shoot my unarmed child, no matter what they ‘say’ back to you. 

    You are not their slave master, giving reputable consequences of being hung when they didn’t abide by you. It’s amazing how far time has traveled, yet how stagnant many slave trade mind frames have remained throughout bloodlines. Or isn’t it?

    Let’s face what we know.

    It’s obvious. 

    We pretty much get it, with your recounts of ‘what happened’, and when your initiation of a crime, suddenly turns into an act of ‘protection’ and an emotional ‘fearful of your life’ gun shooting episode.

    You may be fooling dense minded jurors, but most of us get it. Certain groups of individuals, normally of a minority decent trouble your spirit so much that their actions, like ‘acting like teens’ boil your blood enough for you to assume the responsibility of taking a life. If a black boy stood in your face and said something packaged in anger, your head may explode in racism or judgmental anger.

    We understand that, but this is what is also true.

    Every day that you wake up and walk out into the world, you must share breathing space with people of different ages, creeds, cultures and so forth.

    How exactly are you going to change that?

    Your foolish refusal to accept that is not alone stupid, it’s dangerous. You show your inability to accept the self-understood fact that your personality will not mix with everyone’s, especially those who look a certain way. Never the less, you still decide to approach humans with weapons. You’re so off-balance with your ability to act and operate with a level head, that you’re now confusing the fights that you actually initiate, with an ‘all of a sudden’ scared victim situation – for convenience of course. You’re fake- delusional at its finest, all while tightly clutching on to weapons and laws that allow you to ‘do what you want to do’, and bigots with even more closed in minds who cheer you on; funding websites.

    Afraid, armed prejudiced man, a gun is the very last thing you need.

    You see, unfortunately you have become a terrorist to people who happen to be of my race and kind. You’re taking the lives of innocent children. After you’ve created such act, you then wiggle your way through fraternizing trials, equipped with enough factious tears to feel a romance novel. You have become a dangerous obstacle to the young lives of people of a different kind than you. You are the sickest definition of a killer, because you have no heart behind your mistakes. You kill children and feel no regret. No matter how odd it feels to call your ‘commonly’ dressed attire, in suits and khaki pants, and proper English language a ‘killer’, but when a trigger is pulled – you are what you are.

    When you opt to leave your home with a weapon, along with a very fiery ball of buried hatred for people of a different class or race from you – you have the potential to be scum on prison floors.

    Your actions are unpredictable, because on top of ‘righteous’ choice to own a gun – you harbor selfish person reasons to commit foolery. You commit the crime in your mind, and then you act them out on harmless kids – who may have snapped a little too loudly on your bad day.

    Dear, ‘Afraid’ Armed White Men, where are your morals?

    Can you not see childlike innocence in a certain type of ‘teenager’ just because they’re black?

    We are no different. Your unfortunate feelings of being ‘afraid’ or ‘intimidated’, by the outer appearance of young black men, for example, is the equivalent of playing with a trigger using puppet strings. Any minute you’re going to spill over. You’re shaky feelings are now spilling over into the lives of several young minority. I am sorry, ‘afraid’  man ‘with a gun’, but you are not all of a sudden springing into ‘must protect myself’ mode, after being angered so much you initiate a fight.

    Your act is up.

    Your ever so popular defense claim: ‘Oh, I was afraid for my life’ – has the weight of a feather in a whirlwind. We can’t feel that excuse. We no longer consider that lie, for it’s a plastic cover up for a lava spill. It will not suffice, and it never did suffice. Wrong-doing, unfairness, and disgraceful acts bleed from underneath that cover up.

    Remove all racial accusations you may toss at this letter, because needing the color of skin to dictate my act of kindness and worth towards another human being would never be a past time of mine. I’m more than comfortable in my skin and culture to not judge by shade of skin but the shade of soul. You on the other hand, use this country’s jigsaw law book and questionable laws to cover your harmful explosions of rage. The crime of murder, that weighed so heavy on the minds of worried African American fathers and mothers around the world, was the crime that you ever so gently committed. For that, your soul has begun burying itself.

    Future ‘Afraid’ Armed Prejudiced Men.

    You better get a grip on your identity. You better pull the ‘better word for a female dog’ out of your system and replace it with reality. A kid is a young life, no matter the culture, the dress, the skin color, the rap music level, or the Facebook profile pictures. Karma might as well be a shadow that stalks you forever, because it can’t be outran or out-trialed. Unfortunately, you don’t get the luxury of going out and making preconceived decisions of who is harmful and deserves to die.

    You’re giving your own murder sentences out to young black people, who ‘look’ or ‘do’ things you don’t like. You’re killing unarmed everyday lives that deserve to live tomorrow. The ease it takes for you to transform into a monster is the scariest portion of your entire existence. You have not even a bone in your body to admit that your system of thinking is wrong. Your conscience might as well be dipped in a poisonous way of thinking, more harmful to the people around you – than yourself. May God have mercy on your soul.

    Dear Afraid Armed Prejudiced Man, don’t shoot, because our children are as equally entitled to life – as your own.