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In the summer of 2007, Chris Porter known as C-PO released his first record titled “Homicidal”, a parody of the Sean Kingston hit “Beautiful Girls”. To his surprise Z100 the leading Top 40 station in New York, played the record as an answer to the Kingston hit. After 1.3 million hits on MySpace and 40,000 of his “Welcome to the Future” mix-tapes sold, C-PO realized he had what it took to climb to the top of the charts.

In March of 2010 C-PO released “MUSIC IMPOSSIBLE” on CD Baby and iTunes. Fifteen records were written, produced and performed by C-PO. The MySpace link led to a surprising total of direct sales through the personal website of The combination of mailing lists and a small social media campaign led to impressive numbers and more importantly a connection with his audience in which is a reflection of his charismatic personality.

C-PO’s first radio airplay from “MUSIC IMPOSSIBLE” happened by legendary DJ Clue, whom heard the track in a local barbershop and proceeded to play “JUST RIDE” on Power 105.1 in NYC. “I’M NOT LEAVING SOBER” was selected as lead single. New Music Server and Serato’s White Label distributed the lead single to thousands of programmers, DJ’s, and mix-show coordinators. A week later the response to the record was outstanding. Wired 96.5fm in Philadelphia, HIT 106.1 in New York/New Jersey, Record Systems in Las Vegas picked “Sober” as their Indy choice and stations in the Northeast and down to Miami were on board.

Wired 96.5 in Philadelphia chose his song “IMMA MAKE IT” as part of a radio contest where he faced the world renowned Black Eyed Peas for best new song of the week. C-PO won by an astonishing 72% of the listeners’ votes.

With the release of his newest single “HOLD IT DOWN” it seems like the sky’s the limit for C-PO. On September 30, 2010 C-PO’s debut video for “HOLD IT DOWN” was premiered on BET’s 106 & Park as the New Joint of the Day. This video was added to Music Choice’s On Demand channel and was also featured on THISIS50.COM. ESPN recently selected C-PO’s “HOLD IT DOWN” for their “highlight-packages” program. In addition Promo Only’s Jim Robinson loved the song so much he immediately decided to add “HOLD IT DOWN” to their extensive distribution list of DJs, VJs, and various music outlets around the world.

Opening for acts such as Nicki Minaj and Maino has given C-PO the opportunity to prove to his fans that he has what it takes to outshine some of the most popular artists out there. His energy and performance alone has helped him gain the respect and attention of the many naysayers. It’s rare that a recording artist has 6 records out the box that have affected a great number of people; but who can blame him for his alluring success. Like many legends, C-PO is a gifted talent who will for sure leave a phenomenal mark in music for years to come.