Contributor: Chakara

The social media world has been shaken up from the many sporadic ‘mistakes’ of celebrities and idols placed in the minds of Americans – on a pedestal that can’t be touched. Many of us have even adapted nicknames for our favorite celebrities, as if they’re next door accessible, next of kin, or even our own personal beau. Most recently, Def Jam’s mogul Russell Simmons, aka ‘Uncle Rush’ found a comedic interest in a tape that depicted Harriet Tubman, doing porn. Somehow, many of the consumers of these celebrity creations, new moves, products and services, found it okay to remove their own personal accountability as supporters, as if they’re not in the wrong for failing to not carefully examine before willing-fully ‘following’ their idol of choice. While this is something we all commonly do, we should all be reminded of this comedic phrase – ‘not so fast’. After all, we’ve dug in our wallets and money hiding locations, to place out earned cash into the pockets of our favorite celebrities/moguls/leader even – by spending money on their products, services, etc. So my question today isn’t meant to be rhetorical.

Dear celebrity: Why are you apologizing to me? Well, let me rephrase my question: Why are you apologizing to the people who placed you in the position you are in? As consumers, WE have to stop shifting the blame on the celebrity who in no shape, form, or fashion came with any disclaimer that said: Will not morally, ethically, or unjust fully disrespect the mass of people who placed me in position to win. While we sit and expect apologies from you, we don’t even apologize to ourselves or even attempt reprimand our careless cosigns and product investments.

Don’t apologize to me. Simply, because nothing you will ever do will shock me. As American’s we place humans on these high level pedestals, so far up that we separate our own common mistake acts as humans from the ones made by those with more money and fame than us. I write this commentary to state that I’m tired of the apologies that we’re supposed to swallow, or receive as Band-Aids that will heal our broken perceptions of those we looked to for years.

Personally, I’m done with stomaching all of the ‘I’m sorry’s’ offered to those who sold my people wisdom on certain subjects for years – via music, books, and art. For each and every one of you identified yourself as ‘mentors’ and ‘public figures’, and I believe that evidence there is enough to conclude that you had enough sense to know what was right and wrong. You didn’t pass that role up and say – ‘I’m not accountable ready for that title’. You took it.

Don’t give me your media influenced apologies, full of your fragments that lay scattered everywhere – from the perception you handed to masses of people. Dear successful icons, celebrities, and artists, your apology is not needed. What is welcomed and needed is pure adult made decisions. That’s it. Just always consider the fact that numerous minds your young followers have yet to develop and build on the terms of logic, respect for their culture, and race. If you consider these things, before your act – you will not need to apologize. Save me your sorry’s, and replace them with actions of honesty and realness. Be real within everything you do and there will be no room for apologies.