Childish Gambino “Because the Internet” 

In today’s world paying for music is like paying for the smell of fresh bread as you walk past a bakery.

So it’s not surprising that American hip hop recording artist Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino, spent the last months of 2013 creating an alternate reality to house the roll-out for his second album Because the Internet.

It’s obvious that Gambino has worked long and hard on the album as well as the prelude, the screenplay and the whole bunch of hidden content which are all skilfully interwoven and can be found on his website.He has attempted to do more than just drop an album which will be judged by sales figures which have no reflection of its actual popularity. Instead Gambino attempts to create a space which will be genuinely appreciated by fans, who can decide for themselves how far they wish to delve into this alternate reality.

The fact that the album was probably leaked by himself also typifies his awareness of how the internet is uncontrollably changing the world around us. Media used to be just one way, where everyone in the world just had to listen. The internet, however, has allowed what used to be a monologue to become a dialogue, an interminable conversation which has been undeniably expressive in regards to people’s carefree attitude to downloading music illegally.

This is probably just taster of things to come from someone who is evidently conscious of the internet age.

Jhora Sangha