Both Chris Brown and Lil Wayne are potentially tied into a complicated pharmaceutical drug operation, according to arrest details now surfacing.  The dirty connection involves Miami music producer Harrison Garcia, aka ‘Cuban Harry,’ known to hang out with both Brown and Lil Wayne. The end product of Cuban’s operation has largely been ‘sizzurp’ and other ‘purple drank’ variations, a staple in the rap scene.

Garcia faces multiple felonies tied to a string of robberies involving local pharmacies, according to arrest warrants and court documents.  More than a dozen robberies involving pharmacies like Walgreens in the Miami area have been identified.  In all of those break-ins, Garcia is being charged with orchestrating the heists, then using the stolen prescriptions to concoct and distribute opioid-powered cocktails.

The arrests were first reported by the Miami Herald.

The lethal cocktails, known as ‘lean’ or ‘sizzurp’ on the street (among other nicknames), were sold by Garcia via Instagram DMs.  Other distribution methods are likely, including in-person sales.  The codeine- and opioid-powered drinks, sometimes called ‘liquid heroine’ or ‘drank,’ can be extremely lethal.

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