Recently four young African Americans were arrested for torturing a disabled white man. They broadcast their crime via Facebook Live.

They scalped a disabled man and streamed it live over the internet.

What these ignorant hate-filled criminals fail to understand is that racists will use this crime as a rallying cry to recruit a new generation of supremacist soldiers who’ll declare open season on violence against minorities.

It’ll be the newest white supremacist recruitment video.

While this is a horrible consequence, it also represents a turning point in the American minority fight for equal rights and protections. You see, it won’t be enough for Black Lives Matters and other civil rights organizations to just issue boiler plate press releases denouncing these black racists. Activist leaders need to make a full court press to remind people they don’t endorse and, in fact, condemn…in the of strongest terms… hate crimes committed by all racists, not just the racism of white people. These should be in the form of interviews, press conferences and other actual appearances demonstrating leadership and compassion.

If they don’t, civil rights leaders and organizations risk of losing both credibility and the moral high ground they use to gain support for the racial equality movement. Once gone…neither will return.

Don’t believe me? It’s happened before…another movement lost their credibility and the moral high ground which cost Democrats the Presidency of the United States.

I’m talking about Feminism.

The Hillary Campaign committed electoral suicide when they allowed Lena Dunhum…one of Feminism’s national figures and self-confessed pedophile…to interview Hillary on nationally distributed video. Lena wrote an autobiography where she describes grooming her sister for molestation as follows:

” As she grew, I took to bribing her for her time and affection: one dollar in quarters if I could do her makeup like a “motorcycle chick.” Three pieces of candy if I could kiss her on the lips for five seconds. Whatever she wanted to watch on TV if she would just “relax on me.” Basically, anything a sexual predator might do to woo a small suburban girl I was trying.”

In September 2015,…another prominent left wing media outlet…ran an article by Todd Nickerson, a confessed pedophile, entitled “I’m a Pedophile, but not a Monster.”

Neither Dunham or Nickerson received any condemnation from Feminist circles or from prominent feminist leaders…anywhere. Pedophilia is a form a rape. The opposition of rape is one of the strongest planks the Feminist movement. Yet… complete feminist radio silence…the hypocrisy is frightening.

Emma Sulkowicz claimed she was raped in college…Feminists rallied to her aid. However, after investigation by both the police and her college…they discovered that not only was there zero evidence of her alleged rape…but in fact…she was pursuing her supposed perpetrator for sex…not the other way around. Her false rape allegation gained national attention…she was the mattress girl. Instead of condemning false rape accusers like Sulkowicz, in June 2016, the National Organization of Women gave her an award for courage for her lie. The man she falsely accused is now suing.

In early 2016, Jian Ghomeshi, was found not guilty of raping at least three women after a lengthy trial in Canada. He was accused of raping over 20 women. In giving the verdict…the judge in the case said the following:

” At trial, each complainant recounted their experience with Mr. Ghomeshi and was then subjected to extensive and revealing cross-examination. The cross-examination dramatically demonstrated that each complainant was less than full, frank and forthcoming in the information they provided to the media, to the police, to Crown counsel and to this court.”

“The harsh reality is that once a witness has been shown to be deceptive and manipulative in giving their evidence, that witness can no longer expect the court to consider them to be a trusted source of the truth. I am forced to conclude that it is impossible for the court to have sufficient faith in the reliability or sincerity of these complainants. Put simply, the volume of serious deficiencies in the evidence leaves the court with a reasonable doubt.”

In fact, in February 2016, Diane Mehta wrote in City News that Ghomeshi’s accusers exchanged around 5000 emails before and after going to the police. Upon cross examination by Ghomeshi’s attorneys, it was discovered the accusers were told to get their own individual attorneys and publicists. Apparently being a successful rape victim requires a publicist and personal legal counsel.

What was the feminist response to discovering Ghomeshi’s accusers were liars? They practically rioted outside the courthouse against Ghomeshi. However, his false rape accusers got no such condemnation.

False rape allegations like these are not only waste government resources…they set back victim’s rights and make it a lot harder for actual rape victims to seek justice. Yet, feminist organizations and their leaders were so silent it was deafening.

Today, one of the main feminist planks is the Wage Gap. It’s a subject that’s been discussed over and over exhaustively. In fact, if you were to listen to any modern feminist…you would think it’s a fight yet to be won…unless you’re a lover of facts.

This fight was won in 1963…over 50 YEARS AGO…when the President John F. Kennedy signed The Equal Pay Act into law on June 10, 1963. In short, it prevents discrimination in wages based on gender. It’s still on the books and never been legally challenged.

These are just a few examples…of many…of how feminist organizations and their leaders completely mishandled liars, fanatics, and others whose actions damage the female equality movement. Simply put, they’re text book examples how not to run an organization if you want to retain any semblance of credibility and moral high ground.

Trump is now our President as a direct result of the many major leadership failures of the feminist movement.

Minority rights in the United States are at an all time low.

If civil rights organizations want to keep their hard won credibility and moral high ground, then they NEED to denounce all hate crime and discrimination…especially if it’s within their own ranks. They need to condemn…in the strongest terms…those who commit these crimes as racists and criminals while renewing calls for unity.

If they don’t…they’ll be seen as hypocrites and bigots and we’ll all suffer.




Independent writer, Bob Lewis (me) is a father of four, grandfather of two, who lives in Washington State. You can read more from him here.