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Creating Consistent Content – Rap Rehab

    “As social media marketers, we tend to sweat the details. Am I posting at the most ideal times? Are my posts formatted to perfection? Do my updates have the right tone and brand personality? But while these things are important, there’s one thing that is most critical. And it’s something that is often overlooked by many marketers. That thing is consistency.” – Kelvin Claveria 

    Welp! There you have it! This article has one purpose, and that is to give you ideas on how to make your content more consistent – maybe it’ll just get your brain going, and you’ll come up with ideas of your own!

    Here we go!

    Have a weekly show/release 

    Having a weekly show is one of the most common ways to keep your fanbase entertained on a regular basis. You can do a vlog (video blog) of your activity for the past week, release a cover or freestyle. If doing a cover or freestyle, have a download link in the description of the video. Also, be sure to give the segment a catchy name that goes with your brand.

    Have a daily release 

    If you want to release something daily, Instagram videos are a good medium. They are easy to upload and don’t take a lot of time to make. Maybe you can greet your fans every morning, sing the hook of a song, or give snippets of studio sessions.

    Photos, quotes or a #ThoughtFor TheDay (that relate to your brand) are also great content!

    Do a challenge 

    Create a challenge for yourself, and invite your fans to witness it! Producer, Mike Kalombo, sometimes does a 31 day challenge, where he produces a song every day for a month, and uploads a video to Youtube. Similarly, Kirby Lauryen, a singer/songwriter, took on the challenge of writing a song every day for a year. This challenge was so successful, she was signed to RocNation. 365 songs! Can you imagine? Apart from creating content for your pages, challenges are extremely good practice!

    Document a project 

    Your fans really enjoy watching what happens behind the scenes of your projects! It makes them feel like they know more about you, and that’s how you create a strong fanbase. Andy Mineo, a really sick rapper, created “Saturday Morning Car tunez”, which was a weekly video of the process leading up to his album “Never Land”. This type of content marketing takes planning and discipline, but it’s very powerful – so get on it!

    Create a campaign for a single 

    When I released my debut single “One Love”, I decided to create a campaign where fans worldwide could send me a photo of themselves doing the hand symbol I created. This was really fun and constructive in unifying the fanbase, but it was also just productive in creating different content for a couple weeks. Following it was a 2nd music video of people on the street doing the hand symbol. Create a campaign for your single that includes your fans, and allows them to be responsible for your content. They’ll enjoy it!


    If you’re a good writer, your fans may enjoy reading your thoughts on different topics. You can use this medium to go a little deeper with your audience, show a different side of your personality, or just show your personality in text format. This won’t apply for every type of artist, so it’s important to know your audience.

    Here are some other tips to help things run smoother! 

    Schedule your posts. 

    This is a life-saver! It allows you to stay consistent with your posts, even if you’re out exploring the Amazon and have no internet. If you don’t know how to do this, Google would be happy to tell you. Take note of when your audience responds most, and keep posting at that time! I gave this advice to a client of mine, and just last night he said that scheduling his posts helped him gain 100+ fans in a few weeks. #Boom

    Think ahead, and map out a few weeks/months of content. 

    You won’t really be able to schedule your post for next week, if you don’t know what you want to say next week. Take some time to roll out your campaign, and know what’s coming next.

    Record/Take photos of everything so that you can be stocked up on material. 

    This also takes some planning ahead. For example, know what events you have coming up and book a photographer in advance. You’re an indie artist, and may not be so lucky to do it full time. i.e For a week or 2, work or school may take the lead and content may be scarce! Having an archive of photos and videos to pull from will be very useful!

    Schedule them! That’s social media on auto-pilot while you go finish your essay, or attend those meetings.

    Let people know when you’re about to release something and make the link easily accessible. 

    Don’t just drop content on people out of nowhere. If you’re releasing a video or a special blog, let people know in advance that it’s coming and to look out for it! Build the anticipation. Once it’s out, don’t let people have to look very far for it!

    Set at least 30 mins aside each day to post and respond to comments/mentions. 

    Social Media takes time. “I don’t have any time!”… yes you do! Just alter the way you manage it. Set aside at least 30 mins a dae – post, comment, reply, befriend and be social!

    Discipline is the only thing you’ll need to be able to have consistent content. Discipline can be developed, so off you go! Hit me up on Twitter and let me know how this works for you. Do you have any other tips? Let me know!

    Barbadian born, Camille Evelyn, is passionate about art in all of its forms. This hip hop artist/songwriter by the name of Adaeze, is a featured writer for – a music marketing educational platform (which is free to sign up and try out). She is also known for her gifts in film, fashion, brand management and campaign development. 

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