Dear Dope Boy

So, street corners don’t spare feelings.

You know that.

There were risks outlined when you began – but you know that.

You picked up a bunch of “homies” and friends along the way – but you’re always questioning them. Living your life on the edge wouldn’t even be proper terminology – because you and I both know there are no boundaries in this “dope boy” hustle. So let me begin.

So you’re written off.


Can you believe it?

Some of you aren’t even 16 years old yet. You’re written off by the politicians who tell the world that you are the ones trashing our neighborhood – with petty priced drug creations – igniting useless crime amongst brothers of your same class.

You’re a creation of your environment.

The closed doors killed your hope. Being prejudged sparked your anger. Being less fortunate built your ambition, but most importantly the struggle built your tough endurance.

Its time you understand this. Its time you see your value, and its time for you to come out of the “trap”. The trap is an illusion – it isn’t a building made of natural and man made material . Its a “state of mind”. Its a caged perception of the future – its the dark tunnel that makes it hard for anyone to see the measure of their true potential.

Money comes fast – but it comes with consequences.

Charges are multiplying – and the only person taking score is the district D.A.

So what are you going to do?

Listen. I don’t think you understand your power. You’ve learned the actual art of manufacturing – except by playing with devil’s candy. You’ve learned how to dodge a business world full of snakes – set out to do you harm –  by adapting to survival techniques that no “cradled” child given everything by mommy/daddy – could have learned. You’re so 1up on the world – that you must take a safe time to exit your lifestyle. You learned math – in huge quantities. You learned the art of barter and exchange – down to a tee.

Numbers cant get by you incorrectly. You became a human calculator – and learned a HEAVY deal in “saving” and “stashing” for a rainy day. Although your morning may begin with heavy phone calls, by a nuisance crowd of addicted individuals – you learned the arts of ful-filling a customer’s needs in a timely manner.

Leave it to me to pull out the positives from a negative situation.

I know the money long – but the hustle is wrong. It eventually will put you in a place where you will never advance to your highest level of success. The world will not allow this type of hustle to “lift” you. It will only thin you out. It will make you thin – and then begin its destruction on those close to you. Your family. Your children.

While you live a life – watching every corner – every second – you’ve actually conditioned yourself to withstand the mightiest forces of any “corporate world’s” ups and downs – but instead of men in dress pants and ties – you were trained by take the blows of other dope boys in baggy jeans and white tees. It’s 2012.

Federal indictments are at the hands of many political officers who want  desperately want convictions.

Charges are carrying heavier consequences and extra months – and Federal court room sentencing feels equivalent to modern day legal “lynching”.

The prison time consequences are coming with so many months – that the intergrity and loyalty of men who swear they’d never “squeal” in an interrogation room is now being questioned.

The ONCE bravest heart on the street corner – is now becoming an employee of drug investigations – providing all detail necessary to clear his own case.

What are you going to do?

Will you continue to use all of your golden learned behavior – in the company of powdered substance and/or basement manufactored cannibus or pills? Or will you take your learned behavior and invest it in a more safer – legal – product business – keeping you available always to the ones who truly NEED you out here with them?

Only two doors and thats death and prison.

But if you trade in your product – and keep all of the things you’ve picked up – while living such a life – you have the opportunity to use the things you’ve learned to bring your family revenue for a lifetime.

Minus the funeral bells and the obituaries.

Dear 2012 Dope Boy


Switch Up Your Hustle – like your life depends on it.

Because it does.