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Dear Black People

    So, they keep killing unarmed black men…

    Beyond the Facebook posts and personal outrage, the outcries and the racial banter volleyed through social media, now what? This is the extent of black people’s effort and a summarization of our temperament and activity in situations like these: LOUD ANGER and QUIET SADNESS.

    Clearly, we have two dials: Manic screaming and chants of injustice that hollow out rational thought, and complete and utter indifference; the “trending” topic of discussion for now to be shuffled away in the archives for the next time this happens to illustrate another issue, just like this one, worthy of outrage. And that outrage would be appropriate.

    The real question is “now what?” Will we take the first steps toward governing our people in a healthy and constructive way? Will we carry ourselves with esteem and unbridled self-respect and conduct ourselves and arguments like they’re the same thing? Will we actually take these arguments and statistics we use to reinforce our points for some petty score and put them towards building awareness and affecting change?

    Black People, this country does not like you. It assumes the worst of you while exploiting the best parts of you. It steals from you and satirizes you, it innocently kills you and then blames you, it profiles and generalizes you but expects you to fight its wars, learn its history, follow its religion, pay its taxes, follow its rulers, supports its leaders and mind YOUR business.

    So now what are you going to do, black people? Because in response to this, you have killed your men and children, raped and emotionally crippled your women, looted your communities and desensitized yourselves to unconditionally trust your own people. You can’t even trust each other in large groups without there being a fight or a shooting, in some cases. Once we address these issues then we can logically address how to provide the proper fight for the goal of justice for the families of young men like Michael Brown. Or maybe even change the world’s position on black people and hopefully be granted the same humanity allowed to every other race on this planet. Because in 2014, black people are actually the biggest enemy of black people. You know its true, and this is the beginning of a reoccuring breakthrough. This is acceptance. 72 shootings, 47 shootings and 22 shootings. What’s that? A weekly breakdown for the MONTH of July in Chicago! Now, let’s see… What race do you think a bulk, if not all, of these victims were? Or the assailants, for that matter?

    No, no, take your time, I’ll wait…..

    Black people, are systemically doing racist society’s dirty work: You are ensuring that you never have access to the most important weapon in your arsenal: Your voice. You are purging the earth of your voice, courage and yourselves. Don’t think the idea of extinction sounds like such a crazy idea, what with cross-breeding, gun violence and incarceration rates…. Call me a conspiracist, but it’s my belief that We CAN become a television special on the Discovery Channel in the distant future. Do not think that idea is far-fetched.

    Until we adjust ourselves and address our issues and treat ourselves with a little goddamn respect and dignity, do not expect the rest of the world to – This includes gun-toting police officers fearful of the mythic black boogeyman. How’s that saying go? No one can respect you unless you respect yourselves…

    So now what? Are you angry? Perfect. Are you tired of seeing our dead children plastered across a newspaper or that selfie flashed as footage for the evening news to nametag the remnants of a life whose ending deserved a much more respectful send-off? Yeah? Tired of watching police belittle, demean and emasculate and physical assault and kill our men and disrespect our women? Sick of hearing children killed for minor infractions that would, at best, be worthy of a ticket or community service? Are you angry that your life is considered as an extension of Big Game Hunting, watching Trayvon Martin be killed by a pseudo-sociopath “standing his ground” of his own degenerative paranoid later to be signing autographs at GUN SHOWS???!!! Good. So let’s do something more than Twitter activism, Facebook reposts and gimmicked gestures declaring Don’t Shoot. Michael Brown and other children murdered like animals by the police deserve more than your hashtags and pop culture symbolism. They deserve action.

    So at this point, it’s either build or destroy… So, kindly, pick a side.