White Supremacy…Killing You Little by Little

Contributor:  Sebastien Elkouby

White supremacy, the system that perpetuates the belief that “whiteness” is superior, affects the mind, spirit and body of the unaware. It makes people think that their cultures, languages, philosophies, history, spiritual beliefs and world views are not as important as the so-called dominant Western culture and lifestyle. It consumes its targets until it fully integrates with them, leading them to unknowingly go against their own well being. It also poisons the mind and heart of the perpetrator who ends up believing in its distorted principles and as a result, attempts to foolishly master what cannot be mastered, including nature itself. White supremacy makes EVERYBODY sick. We are in the midst of a new wave of infection.

And this is not hypothetical. I’m talking to you…and me! Let’s take an honest look within ourselves to see how we may have been affected by this sickness. Are we passing it on to our kids? Are they walking around oblivious to this because we can’t see that they’re sick with it too?

Do we participate in activities that perpetuate this illness? Do we unknowingly spread it around?

Do we allow it to seep into our religions, our relationships, our identities, our body images, the way we carry ourselves?

And although the focus is usually placed on the victims of this sickness, unbeknownst to them, the perpetrators are even bigger victims for what led them to spread this illness in the first place is their lack of humanity. While the illusion of superiority feeds their ego, they are slowly removing themselves from what makes the rest of us still human as they become more and more like robots. Don’t join them.

The cure: knowledge of self, cultural education and unplugging from mainstream media.

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Sebastien Elkouby is a Hip Hop Culture historian, writer and award-winning educator. Check out his educational program, Global Awareness Through Hip Hop Culture and his blog, Contact him at [email protected] or on Twitter @SebIsHipHop (Although he rarely uses it!)