Dr Watkins, it is unfortunate you failed to respond to my personal messages. While I’m not in your eyes worth a response, I find your actions towards me quite disturbing. While you choose to lie about me privately, I find it important that you get your facts right, and more importantly, your fragile ego in check.

While I am far from perfect, I have been the same brother publicly or privately, all of my life. Music and entertainment have been my profession for well over 30 years. I understand the impact of negative images and content and have been on the forefront dedicating my time and life against the corporate sponsors for the past fifteen years. So, when I speak on the subject I am knowledgeable of every facet.

While I was disturbed by your recent comments on HOT 97 New York, in no way was I “attacking” or “hating” as you claimed. HOT 97 is the World’s most recognized source of Hip Hop, you were an invited guest, and I expected you to know that. Sorry. My comments were quite clear and concise. Here is my post and your reaction:

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While your reaction was defensive, I am most disturbed by the blatant lies that followed privately on Facebook. Your reaction displays such soft skin for one that dishes opinion out on a daily basis. All of sudden a one time supporter of my efforts, now second guessing the one experience you had with me. Chameleon:

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 9.48.37 AM

Really bruh? I worried you? Our conversations with Pepsico? Nasty posts?

Truth is, you never talked to Pepsi, I did. Our only conversation was an interview that explained the Mountain Dew/Pepsi-Co fiasco that took place solely between myself and Pepsi-Co’s Frank Cooper, that you in turn posted on your website. The numerous conversations I had with your business manager were all about connecting your organization with Pepsi so you could do business with them.

In closing, I wish you success in the future and the strength to be the same man in public or private. So the next time you over react, I hope you realize that facts do matter.

And thanks again For your donation to