New York, NY- Hailing from public housing and poverty in New Jersey, Michael Anderson a/k/a Mike Philson is the poster-child for achieving the impossible, receiving an Ivy League education. Not many come out of those streets, and make history. Graduating from Harvard in 2008, Mike had entered the world of commodity stock trading. During his time on Wall Street, he had come to the actualization that Wall Street wasn’t for him. He woke up one day and knew he had to make an impact on the future leaders of tomorrow, referred to as our youth.

Teaming up with President Obama as well as Civil Rights leaders in Martin Luther King’s inner circle, Mike formulated an initiative of education through music. Music is a commonality that everyone enjoys in one way or another. This led to a common interest amongst our youth and Mike.

During the past couple of years, Mike has led a speaking circuit at various Ivy League Universities as well as Grade Schools throughout America. Through this he has witnessed oppressions that he’s willing to help detriment. Leading messages of positivity, Mike created a full length biopic titled “Everything I Wanna Be”.

“Everything I Wanna Be” gives you a glimpse into the brilliance that Mike possesses. There are real life trials and tribulations that he had went through after leaving Wall Street, and you can see why Mike had left Wall Street in the first place. Mike is a very gifted individual musically, as you will witness in the video, and you can witness the genius that he possesses.

On a side note, Mike led the charge to bring Wu-Tang Clan to Harvard Yard to perform Live in 2008. This led the change in Harvard’s shift towards their accepting behavior currently.

Take a look at his film: