When Macklemore & Ryan Lewis recorded “White Privilege” in 2005, little did they know their lyrics were visionary in more ways then one. There is a change sweeping the commercial music industry. And the change is aimed at rap. Check the lyrics and listen closely to the entire track below, I think you will be impressed with their honesty. Congratulations on their well deserved Grammy wins.

“White Privilege”

I see so many people lost who really try to pretend
But am I just another white boy who has caught on to the trend
When I take a step to the mic is hiphop closer to the end?
‘Cause when I go to shows the majority have white skin
They marketed the windmill, the air flair and head spin
And white rappers albums really get the most spins
The face of hip hop has changed a lot since Eminem
And if he’s taking away black artists’ profits I look just like him
Claimed a culture that wasn’t mine, the way of the american
Hip hop is gentrified and where will all the people live
It’s like the central district, beacon hill to the south end
Being pushed farther away because of what white people did, now
Where’s my place in a music that’s been taken by my race
Cultural appropriated by the white face
And we don’t want to admit that this is existing
So scared to acknowledge the benefits of our white privilege
Cause it’s human nature to want to be part of something different
Especially when your ancestors are European Christians
And most whites don’t want to acknowledge this is occurring
Cause we got the best deal, the music without the burden
Of being black in a system that really wants you to rock
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