IHeartMedia’s, Power 99 in Philadephia is promoting a concert series that is an insult to the community they are licensed to serve. The following is from the Power 99 website on their “Peace On The Streets” concert series:

Power 99’s Peace on the Streets is a series of events to provide communities with resources to prevent violence and increase peace. We’re proud to team up with amazing organizations and dedicated community activists for our Peace on the Streets series and to help make our local neighborhoods safer. Power 99 is dedicated to maintaining dynamic relationships that create a positive impact on the communities we serve.

To kick of Power 99’s POTS concert series check the lyrics of their first headliner Dej Loaf:



Let a nigga try me, try me

I’m a get his whole mothafuckin’ family
And I ain’t playin with nobody
Fuck around and I’m a catch a body

[Verse 1:]
Bitch I got the mac or the 40
Turn a bitch to some macaroni
Tell me how you want it I’m on it
I really mean it I’m just not recordin’
Still a blow the choppa, for all you oppa’s
Leave a bitch nigga head in pasta
You are an impostor, ain’t got no money
Put the burner to his tummy, and make it bubbly
I really hate niggas I’m a Nazi
Love wearin’ all black, you should see my closet
Rock that all white, when I’m feelin’ Godly
Pop out like Coke, I ain’t gotta park it
Fuck is y’all saying, bitch my hood love me
48214 real niggas know me
I been out my mind since they killed my cousin
Free my cousin Devin, man he just called me
All these niggas love me, can’t get ’em off me
Fuck around gave him my number, he won’t stop callin’
IBGM the clique bitch you see us scorin’
V.I.P in the plural, while yo section borin’
Got a bitch that Set it Off like Jada Pinkett, Queen Latifah
You rollin’ around with yo nieces bitch TeeTee
Mind full money, got a heart full of demons
Mobbin’ like Italians, we really take yo fingas
Turn yo face into a pizza, no acne
Have you singin’ like Alicia, fuck with my family
They be like you little, but got damn she spazzin’
Do the whole crew, my bitches freak nasty

Shame on you Power 99! You don’t promote peace with violence.