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Half-Caste: Documenting the Tribulations of the Multi-Racial – Rap Rehab

    Half-caste will explore the poignant issues of people who come from multi-racial backgrounds throughout society. This documentary will tackle issues such as personal identity, social identity, basic desire to belong to one group, race identification, government classification, racism, stereotypes, family, dating, difficulties of interaction within races and many other issues specific to the multi-racial community, if you can call it a community. Some would argue that we have no community and we have no “people” and are often in conflict with ourselves and with societal views of who we should be because of our backgrounds.

    Personally, over the years, I have consistently encountered multi-racial people from every walk of life and corner of the globe, and have been mesmerized and energized by the issues and stories we share that have shaped us positively and negatively throughout our lives.

    My hope and goal for this project is that it be used to educate EVERYONE(classrooms, therapy groups, parents of biracial children and more) about the struggles that multi-racial people face silently, stoically, and usually painfully.

    With your generous contribution, I will address the hardships of being part Black, White, Latino, Asian, Middle Eastern and all of the variations we see here in America; but I would also like to address similar issues across the globe — the half American solider/Vietnamese living in Vietnam and what it means in their society; being part Aboriginal and still to this day being discriminated against; having White and African background growing up during apartheid; and many others.

    All over the world, it’s no longer the color of your skin that can curse you to a life of poverty, bigotry, and sometimes even death, it is also the fact you have been born into a society that hates you just for the fact that your blood is half or even just a fraction shared with people they have chosen to oppress or wage war against. “Who are we and were do we fit in?” and “How do we cope with never having a people?”  That is a few of the many questions I hope to answer along and along with many others throughout the journey of this documentary.

    Please donate to breathe life into Half-caste and hopefully generate light to light and inspire others to address the issues of multi-racial people around the world. Your donation will help uncover the voice many lack.

    Thank you.

    Half-Caste Documentary ([email protected])

    James Southard  Director/Producer

    Please feel free to share your stories with the director/staff. Send your correspondence to [email protected]  Thank you!!!

    Unfortunately, making documentaries is not cheap, but we’ve put together some numbers to help explain how your donations will help fund the film.

    • If we achieve our goal of $163,000, we will shoot and edit the film. This is the minimum we need for actual production, crew, equipment, flights and lodging for the United States locations and one (maybe two) locations abroad.

    • If we secure $256,000, we will add additional shot locations abroad, such as Vietnam, South Africa, India, and a couple more. Also, we can add stunning music, mix the sound, add some graphics and do the mastering. We will also pay for the archive footage and license stills, which is very expensive. This amount pays for all of the finishing costs.

    • At the $484,000 level, we would market the film to film festivals all over the world, such as Sundance, Toronto, Berlin International, and many more. Also, this will allow us to build a stunning website around the film. We would do this not only to promote the film, but most importantly, to build a community where people of multi-racial backgrounds can connect, grow, share stories and offer advice and support for one another.