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We have all read the comics,
Seen the movies,
and fantasized about being our favorite superhero
We fill cinemas and stadiums
and gaze in awe at our celebrities and athletes
Exuding greatness
Defying odds
And always triumphant
And we wish we could be them
To know what it’s like
If only for a moment.
To know what it feels like to walk in their shoes
To hear the crowd roar
Feel the power of a standing ovation
The adoration of a million fans chanting your name
If only for a moment
And then the daydream is over
The moment fades
And reality slowly comes into focus
The kids need to eat and get to practice
Errands have to be run
Students have to be taught
Packages have to be delivered
Patients need tending to
Roads have to be built
Laws have to be upheld
Trash has to be collected
Freedoms have to be protected
And it is in these moments that we witness true bravery and sacrifice
There is no applause
No trophies
No one asks for your autograph
That does not matter to you
You seek no glory
You ask for nothing in return
You carry out your duties and responsibilities Relentlessly day after day
And it is in these moments that true HEROS arise.
Let us walk in your shoes