Real estate mentor/mogul/philanthropist, Jermaine “Jay” Morrison is a New Jersey native who overcame a troubled past and became a highly-successful entrepreneur. Known as JayMrRealEstate, his first real estate investing company generated $3 million in profits within two years. Down-to-earth and accessible, Jay is always teaching, using his time and resources to assist his community in helping them shine. Knowing the destructive effects of financial illiteracy and wanting to change that cycle, Jay decided to share some of his knowledge. It’s critical to him that people within our Hip Hop Culture learn this valuable information so they can win at the real estate game. “Hip Hop 2 Homeowners” provides a long-overdue lesson directed at the community needing it the most and … you can download the e-book for free (scroll down Jay’s homepage). Also, for sale on Amazon.

Here’s a quote from this 2012 self-published manual:

“I think WE as a whole in Hip Hop and Pop Culture know it is time for us to become more financially savvy and responsible. I’m not perfect, I’ve fallen victim to some good nights ballin’ out and standing on couches myself! I understand the love for hot cars, the best jewelry, and all the things that typically excite our culture. I get it! But when is enough, enough??? When do we make being smart, wealthy, responsible, and a owner of land the new COOL? I’m going to tell you when…. Right NOW!!! Here’s OUR wake up call, here’s our chance to get it together. After this read WE all have the tools now, so what’s going to be YOUR EXCUSE??

Hip Hop 2 Homeowners’ is not just a book, a tour, or a trending topic. It’s a MOVEMENT! Are you ridin’ or WHAT????”

In an easy-to-follow manner, he covers such topics as:

– redefining who we are as a Culture and making being financially-savvy – the new cool

– basic money sense, finding your credit score, practicing good credit habits and repairing it (if needed).

– the importance and power behind property ownership (“God isn’t making anymore land,” is a popular Jay quote).

– how anyone can learn real estate and create wealth.

– different clauses, sales options and much more solid advice for the real estate investor including “flipping” properties.

– understanding different properties, being a landlord and how to hire a property manager.

– various careers in the real estate industry along with numerous resource links to access additional knowledge.

Jay goes in and shares so much in under 100 pages. It’s clear he’s determined to change the common thinking about financial behavior and championing his people’s participation in the real estate game. This is evident by the Jay Morrison Academy – it’s an online program teaching real estate investing. No prior industry education or experience is needed.

And thanks to a generous contribution by rap artist Young Jeezy, JMA is offering the first month of the course for free – it’s worth your time. Be sure to check out the many insightful videos on JayMrRealEstate’s YouTube page, too. Please share your thoughts.

Fabian Baez is a, New York City-based, Hip Hop Content Marketer focused on helping others succeed while advancing the Movement. Learn more about him, his work and connect: | @FabianBaez | [email protected]