Artist Mike Philson of MMP Guided Entertainment has teamed up with the Newark Yoga Movement in order to help the children of New Jersey’s largest city learn how the principles of Hip-Hop and yoga can lead to a productive and healthy upbringing.  Philson and MMP Guided Entertainment have embarked on a nationwide student tour, designed to shift the culture of education, and make learning cool.  Past and future engagements include public schools in New Jersey, NYC, Atlanta, as well as Harvard University, Columbia University, and Rutgers University.  

This week, Philson teamed up with the Newark Yoga Movement.  With so many children at a deficit in terms of academics and character building values, the Newark Yoga Movement believes in sharing the valuable “life tools” of yoga with them their educators and caregivers. Through yoga and the power of the breath, these children learn through direct experience how to be more relaxed, more focused, more confident and creative. Additionally, they will gain “fringe” benefits of yoga including better posture, increased flexibility, increased strength.  Since its October 2009 roll out, Newark Yoga Movement has been “stretching minds”to over 14,000 children in Newark and more than 1,400 educators, including the majority of the PE and Health teachers in Newark Public Schools. Each week through 100+ classes, NYM has over 2500 students smiling. The organization touches upon all venues to reach children, educators and care givers including public schools, charter schools, independent schools, organizations catering to children and families, after school programs and health fairs and now even the entire Newark Fire Department.