Historical Dream was conceptualized to support a nationwide love of ethnic diversity through imagery. Frederick Douglass understood the power of non verbal language and sat for over 100 photo sessions.  Albert Einstein said “ imagination is more important than knowledge”, so that’s what’s important to Historical Dream.  We’re taking cues from Frederick Douglass and others to promote inspirational images of ethnic trailblazers who’ve overcome great odds to make a difference. Historical Dream has a sense that people want to not just know about them, but ‘see’ them as well.   The momentum needed to bolster our national and international integrity is reinforced through diverse imagery.  
Historical Dream was established in 2015 and has distinguished itself by showcasing the likeness of important but little known heroes whose contributions helped shape American history. Famous characters including Frederick Douglass, Harriett Tubman as well as lesser known figures such as Wong Chin Foo (who advocated for the rights of Chinese during the 19th century) and others are featured on “wearable art” such as designer shirts, jewelry and household items as both a tribute and fashion statement to elevate the social and consumer awareness of these ethnic leaders.

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