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How America blatantly disrespects Black Women #BringBackOurGirls

    Dear African American Women: This World No Longer Needs You

    Hundreds of young, black, and poor African girls, have been kidnapped by dangerous men with ulterior motives, and the country you’ve pledged the allegiance to is not lifting a finger to assist them.  And our country, the United States, hasn’t moved an inch on the matter. Isn’t it obvious that you’re not of ‘prize’ value in our eyes? Why are you worth rescuing?We have brainwashed the masses, even your own brothers, into caring more about sports and entertainment than those children, so, of course you’re not seeing it on TV.

    We’ve placed your own people’s attentions on ‘bigger things’ like the so-called racist remarks from a billionaire headsman of the NBA, and our diluted efforts of erasing ‘racism’ in America. Your own black men care more about the NBA, and its injustices, than your young African girls, who wanted nothing but education. Now, they’ll be sold to men who care nothing about them, controlled, used and probably raped until their useless lifeless bodies can take anymore. We know this, and we don’t care.

    Dear Black women, we deem you as being useless.

    Erase all of your previous nonsensical thoughts of thinking that you all were of Queen decent back in Africa. We’ve used media, radio, and television to diminish any of those thoughts. Hopefully you’ve forgotten. See, years ago when African Americans arrived here in the U.S., you all were still equipped with small increments of your African heritage, but how much of that do you actually know now? We’ve pushed our own history into the minds of your men, so much that they don’t even want your various skin tones anymore. Your men want something more fair and European. You’ve been broken and left in your homes to provide for your family alone, because we put in place laws that would bar the black men who could lead your households, in prisons where they’ll never see freedom. We’ve also tampered with their esteem, slamming doors of opportunity in their faces repeatedly, making them result to fast and dumb decisions on how to make money.

    Dear Black Women, your presence is no longer required.

    Just look around. Women who claim they are of African-American decent don’t even love their appearance enough to wear their natural coils and locks of hair. We did that. We shaped your beliefs into thinking your coarse, kinky, natural knotted hair was uncouth, wild, and untamed – you all believed us. You believed that your hair needed a straighter look in order to be accepted in our world. On the flip side of that brainwashing, we’ve borrowed your thick curves and lips, and placed them on our women – via plastic surgery. They look better on us anyways. Thank us later.

    Dear Black Women, we don’t need you here anymore.

    We’ve taken your common ‘single mother’ lifestyle and made a mockery out of that household model, degrading your stance as a parent – making you feel unworthy of marriage or commitment from a man. Some of you have even adapted the mindsets of your black male counterparts, and you have sex with how many men you want to – whenever you want to. We encourage that. Your eagerness to be loved by any man has made you be eager to lay down with any man – no matter his cleanliness or health history. Thank you. You’ve increased HIV/AIDS numbers in your communities, now putting even your babies at risk.

    Dear Black Women, thank you. Our job here is almost done.

    As HIV/AIDS numbers continue to rise in African American women, we’re seeing more and more of your children, turning to their broken communities for brotherhood and fatherhood. We weakened your esteem, collectively, so much that you any health condition you run into during your life – will mentally weigh on your conscience. You will not be strong enough to be there for your offspring and their issues. Where is all of that ‘strong black women’ strength now? We’ve managed to fool the world, into thinking that all of your young black women are good for is enhancing their bodies with manmade shots to induce curve, being promiscuous, having low self-esteem, and giving birth to fatherless children. Let’s not forget these will be same children, whom will end up in our judicial systems. You’re nothing to us but pointless tombs, housing the offspring of more children we’ll have to carry on our taxes.

    Dear Black Women, we don’t need you anymore.

    Even you, don’t look like the physical ‘you’. You black women love every ethnicity’s hair texture, except your own. You love all of the designer things that we manufacture, bringing your small amount of wealth to only add to our households. We continue to feed you the luxurious illusions of ‘material’, because we know how much you all ‘race’ each other and remain in competition. We know that you will go into financial strain, trying to appear bigger than your neighbor. All of your natural nails, skin, shapes, are looked at – by you – as not being ‘beautiful’ enough for you. You’re lining up at the offices of expensive surgeons to fix your African American features, such as thick noses and lips. You don’t even see beauty in the mirror anymore.

    Our job here is done. We’ve helped the entire world, even your own black men, degrade your presence. They help us now freely, and even toss in jokes about your skin color from time to time. Good luck to the African American girls growing up in a world that will reject them for their natural beauty.

    Your kind, especially your poor, black, female kind, being kidnapped, does not alert the world as being a tragedy – but a favor. We will continue to put in place the proper media distractions, to keep your people unaware and focused on things that don’t matter – and in result – make us wealthier and more powerful. We just wanted to thank you.

    This world no longer needs you.

    *This satire piece was written to wake up our African American women. None of these thoughts are derived from true feelings of the writer.

    Chakara Conyers is an African-American journalist residing in Raleigh, N.C. as a community advocate, published author, and journalist. Conyers runs her own self-created community program called W.R.I.T.E. is Right in Raleigh, N.C. where she travels to facilitate her writing workshop for teens that face many hidden issues in troubled communities. Follow Ms. Conyers on Twitter @KaraPublishes. Contact Chakara at [email protected]