“I hate that loud thug music” is the last thing Michael Dunn told his fiancé before firing at four teenagers and killing 17 year-old old Jordan Davis. And with this, another Black teen died at the hands of a racist outlaw whose cold blooded murder parallels that of killer-on-the-loose Zimmerman.

Not guilty of the murder of Jordan Davis.

I won’t sugar coat my words here. You won’t get a sanitized editorial from me, the kind mainstream media tries to sell you with titles like “Loud Rap Murder Trial” or “Loud Music Dispute”. Sure, this lunatic’s murderous inclination might have been triggered by loud music playing from a nearby parked car but the problem isn’t about volume. It’s about a gun-carrying psycho who took shots at four teens sitting in a car as a result of an argument over loud music, claiming the kids were armed, even though no weapons were found. It’s about a trigger-happy nutcase who allegedly feared for his life yet fled the scene with his fiancée to go eat pizza and watch movies at a local hotel. He never called authorities and found out about Jordan Davis’ death in the news the next day, a few hours before being arrested.

This case isn’t about loud “thug” music, a closet racist’s PC way of replacing the N word. It’s about white people’s pathological fear of Black males, a reality CNN, Fox, and company wouldn’t discuss in a million years.  It’s about Zimmerman who got away killing one Black male and tried to knock out another in a celebrity boxing match. It’s about a Black man who got into a car accident and was shot dead after he knocked at the door of a nearby home seeking help. It’s about a straight-A high school student whose testicles were ripped apart during an officer’s savage stop and frisk incident. It’s about a13 year-old boy who was killed in front of his home by the next door neighbor who accused the child of robbery. It’s about a teenager walking to the beach with his puppy who was choked by cops that claimed they felt threatened by the 13 year-old’s “dehumanizing” stares.

And while the nation tries to digest the verdict, there are a hundred more similar cases that go unreported by mainstream media for fear that it would disturb our nation’s post-racial America fantasy, the kind that’ll turn the real “thug” into a helpless victim and Black teens listening to music into natural born suspects.


Sebastien Elkouby is a Hip Hop Culture historian, freelance writer, creative consultant, and award-winning educator. Check out his educational program, Global Awareness Through Hip Hop Culture and blog, For more info about his creative consulting services, contact him at[email protected].