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J Cole interview on the state of hip-hop – Rap Rehab

    J. Cole broke down the current state of the music industry, with Angie Martinez of Power 105.1 in New York. This is a must see interview. Some of the highlights of the interview:

    “We got a bunch of people in America doing something that don’t need to be done, just to make money … You’re making food that doesn’t help, it actually hurts us. That food is killing us but it makes money … That television show is hurting us, but it makes money. This music is killing us, it’s rotting us, but it makes money. That’s the system we live in. That goes for any industry.”

    “We’ve been singing the same songs for 30 years … These dudes are portraying a lifestyle that a) they probably didn’t live and b) even if you did, you don’t no more but you still trying to milk us and feed us this and sell us this … You’re still trying to pump this lifestyle.”

    “If I’m speaking my mind and saying how I truly feel, I might say one thing that connects the dots for somebody that might’ve been the right connection that was needed to do something to change the world … Just give the world as much as you can and how you truly feel and know that it might live forever.”

    The new J Cole album, 2014 Forest Hills Drive, is worth the purchase!