The landscape of political commentary is ever changing, and yet, ironically in some ways remains the same.  MSNBC has made it a point to champion the cause of change and progression in the arena, and “Lean Forward” has become more than just a slogan to those who support MSNBC’s efforts to affect change in the progressive social conscience.  It has in fact become a way of living for those interested in contributing to our nations much needed leap into a new era. An era in which the debate of left versus right, Democrat versus Republican, conservative versus liberal, take a back seat to more than enough for all, versus all for a select few.  These are perilously pivotal times our nation is living in, and the continued greatness of this nation truly hangs in the balance.  The arenas in which we debate the issues at hand before our nation have taken on more import than ever.

It is in this spirit that we view the filling of the opening left in lieu of Martin Bashir’s recently announced departure from the MSNBC with equal importance.

We encourage and in fact challenge MSNBC to continue down it’s chosen path to “Lean Forward” and make the decision to place Joy-Ann Reid in Mr. Bashir’s place.  Much similar to the choice made in September 2008, to put a social change pioneer like Rachel Maddow in your rotation of commentators, true and unapologetic in her approach, Mrs. Reid displays the same qualities as an observer of all things political and news worthy.  Joy-Ann Reid provides an editorial perspective yet to have been aired long form on the MSNBC airwaves. That of a consummate orator well versed in the issues that concern all that proudly call themselves Americans and are interested in advancing our nation to its next level of greatness. Doing so from the perspective of an African American woman, who none would argue to be a true minority in the arena.

If MSNBC is to continue on it’s quest to improve our nations collective conversation and widen the scope of voices speaking on behalf of truth, Joy-Ann Reid’s consistent voice is a no brainer.

Vote for Joy-Ann Reid here