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Keke Palmer stands to make history as the youngest television talk show host with the launch of Just Keke.  The actress and singer talks about her goals once she hits the airwaves and shares why she frequently tussles with trolls on social media. 


Keke Palmer wants you to know something.

Like the late, great Tupac Shakur, the 20-year old isn’t looking to be idolized.

In fact, the gorgeous girl-next-door allowed the self-described leader of the Outlawz to speak for her on a recent Instagram post, a clip in which an animated ‘Pac insists he is a “real model, not a role model.”

“Sometimes people feel the need to put me on a pedestal, but I don’t belong there,” she excitedly explains.  “I’m just a person who believes in what I can do and I want people to know that they can believe in themselves. I want young people to win.”