It’s Grammy time. So with red carpets, come red flags.

There are do’s and don’t when it comes to the carpet, which always seems to get more coverage than the actual award itself. Not only is anticipation high for Chrisette‘s Grammy nod, but her anxiety is high as she is gearing to take care of everything image-wise herself. Spending thousands of dollars for a few seconds on the carpet, but not being all the way “PUT TOGETHER” is considered a red flag. But when you are completely aware of what you want to look and feel like, there is no designer alive that can stop your drive. I’m so glad Chrisette steps out on faith and knows she can pull it off. I believe the hype. But we shall see.

I’m also so hype for Leela’s Fall For You album, single and tour she is gearing up for. Because of the anticipation of finally having your project released, I know frustration is a factor. Good thing there is strength in numbers and she is not alone. Anthony Hamilton accompanies Leela on her first single, which is always a plus with getting a song not only added to radio, but also with getting the fans excited about another notable celebrity willing to lend vocals. Because sometimes industry people are shaaaaady!!

Speaking of shade, this is one time I’d take shade over snow. Rain. Sleet. Or whatever caused the delay in my fellow group members from attending my new single release. Grammy award-winner Tye Tribbett and my friend Mookie and I have decided to jump out there and do an alternative music style group called the Jr High Band.

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