One of the best announcers in the country has left 99 Jamz in Miami. Here’s a classy message from Lorenzo Ice-Tea Thomas:

Let the free agency period begin: Will I take my talents and return home? Or will I keep my talents on South Beach? Nevertheless, I had a great 11 years at WEDR 99 JAMZ. I did everything that was asked of me and did it to the best of my ability. In an industry where winning matters, I accomplished that on the highest consistent level (Number Don’t Lie) and left the building on top with no regrets.  I realized this journey has truly been a blessing, and more blessings are on the horizon for me and my family. I give a great deal of thanks to Cedric Hollywood, Jerry Russian and Derrick Baker.  First and far most, all three men I thoroughly respect and are truly responsible for presence in South Florida. I must take time to single out Derrick Baker for standing up and fighting for me and the entire 99 JAMZ staff during this process. I will let it be known myself and those mentioned passionately believe that 99 JAMZ/WEDR will always be an R & B station that plays Hip Hop music! Period! The community and supporters of the station will NOT accept the “ratchetness” alone! And the advertisers that I heavily endorsed will not as well.  Thus, I am happy to part ways so I can move on. I send my best wishes to all my 99 JAMZ family there. From the on air staff, to promotions, traffic and of course sales. I could sit here and do shout outs all day long, but I do know that being at JAMZ was nothing but the work of the Lord. Working for WEDR enabled me to reunited with one of my best friends who has helped to lead me to Christ and continued the process of rededicating my life. Ad, you are my brother in Christ. To add, I was introduced to Derricka, my future wife, and I now have a a beautiful daughter named Loren. All because of the path this journey has guided me. “My heart is open, God come sit and live in heart” is what my mother would always tell me and now God has closed that chapter in my life and has already started the process to begin the next new and exciting chapter.  
God bless, and stay tuned,