Don Thompson, President and CEO
McDonald’s Corporation
2111 McDonald’s Drive
Oakbrook, Il 60523

Dear Mr. Thompson:

We want to make sure that you aware that McDonald’s advertisements are a constant on commercial radio stations which “target” Afrikan Youth with violent, pornographic music. The Clear The Airwaves Project is respectfully requesting that your company stops commercial sponsorship and support of this revolting practice immediately.

Clear The Airwaves Project is a movement with a specific goal of removing vile, vulgar and violent music from commercial radio stations that Target Afrikan Youth in so-called Urban Markets throughout the United States in general and the Chicagoland Area in particular. We are a project that was formed in 2013, when members of the Culture Freedom Group based in Chicago and Concerned Citizen Against Violence in Gary came together in protest of the type of music being played on Crawford Broadcasting’s Power 92.3 and Iheart’s (Clear Channel) WGCI 107.5. While Concerned Citizens Against Violence has been involved in direct action to stop this horrific music targeting our children for several years, the Culture Freedom Group mobilized in response to the murder of 15 year old high school student Hadiya Pendleton in January of 2013. We noticed that despite this horrible shooting of a promising young high school student, the two aforementioned radio stations were still playing music promoting gun violence and murder. We also took notice that one of the most frequent commercial sponsors on these radio stations was McDonalds Restaurants.

Subsequently a letter was sent to your attention from the Culture Freedom Group in May of 2013, requesting a meeting to discuss this issue. We also reached out to the Black McDonalds Operators Association based in Chicago and your corporate office with little or no significant response. Beginning in late October 2013, Clear The Airwaves Project began holding weekly demonstrations at the first Black-Owned McDonalds in the country on the corner of Stony Island and Marquette. These informational protest lasted for over a year, once again with little or no response from McDonalds.

While it has been nearly two years since the murder of Hadiya, the unnecessary killing of our youth has not stopped and neither has the violent music on these stations – nor the commercials from McDonalds. We have heard songs encouraging stripping, selling dope and shooting it out with 5.0 (police) – while WGCI was bragging that this music is coming from the McDonalds studio in downtown Chicago. Just yesterday (Sunday) morning, while monitoring Crawford’s 92.3 FM we heard two hours of songs with over 80% referring to our women as bi*ches and/or ho*s, and with over 90% calling us ni**ers! During this time we also heard McDonald’s ads during at least four (4) different breaks.

We are aware of your core values and your mission to operate ethically while focusing on the needs of your customers and helping to build better communities. We are also aware that having McDonald’s commercials air following songs on Youth oriented radio stations with the lyrics: “run up on a ni**er squeezing, eat my a** like a cupcake, young ni**er move that dope or imma have these bi*ches having babies every week” is not in line with McDonalds’ core values.

We are asking that McDonalds immediately pull commercial support of this toxic attack on the minds of our Youth via these radio stations throughout the United States in general and Chicagoland in particular. We are open to meeting with you to discuss this important issue as soon as possible. Feel free to contact us at (219) 680.9055 or [email protected]


Kwabena Rasuli
Clear The Airwaves Project
cc. Rage Against The Ratchet / Committee to Eliminate Media Offensive to Afrikan People (CEMOTAP)