After speaking with the SVP of Pepsi Global Marketing, Tuesday I am happy to say the spot below has been pulled. I have been at this for a longtime and I have to commend Frank Cooper of Pepsi for moving swiftly and taking taking the right action. Trust me 6 hours is a record that will never be suprpassed.

I often take a lot of heat for what I do and rarely get support mentally or financially. I was touched by this post on my Facebook page:

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Just went to Rap Rehab to donate some ends to the great work done by Paul Porter. Lot of folks talk crap about what needs to be done to fight negative media imagery, but Rap Rehab confronts the backward artists and the industry that promotes that manure. Everybody should at least put a 5 on that real work:


Mountain Dew takes racism to new heights with “Felicia the Goat” spots. Take a look and leave a comment.