MTV Hip-Hop and R&B Music Competition: Welcome to the recording studio, where talent is transformed and legends are discovered. At the intersection of music and business, this show gives hip hop’s freshest talent a chance at every musician’s dream: getting signed. Mark Burnett, the Executive Producer of SHARK TANK and THE VOICE, brings us the best of both worlds, with undiscovered artists performing in front of music’s biggest moguls, each eager to sign the next breakout star. But forget the shiny floor stage — it’s all happening in the recording studio in the first of its kind, organic music competition series that breaks all the rules. The yet-untitled series from executive producer Mark Burnett will be executive produced by Burnett and MGM Television with MGM also serving as international distributor.

Now Casting

Are you a hip hop artist out there trying to make your dream a reality?

Do you know if you were given the chance, you could make it just as big as the top billed R&B stars?

Are you ready to do whatever it takes for a chance to work with the biggest names in the game?

Are you ready to get Signed?


I. You may apply as a solo, duo or group.

II. Whether submitting your track for consideration via the website or in person, we will accept raw, live vocals only. No auto tune, no edited music videos, and no voice editing of any kind will be accepted.

III. If you are a hip hop artist, find an instrumental backing track (sample free or not) or better yet, rap an original to our beats on our website.

IV. If you are an R&B artist, you may cover any song of your choosing and sing acappella or with a backing track or, you can choose any instrumental backing track and create an original 16 bars to that track.

V. All videos must be submitted by creating a profile and uploading to Venertainment. Do not upload your submission video to YouTube, Vimeo or any other video sharing site. Absolutely No cussing is permitted in the song/video.