The new music industry is full of scams. If anyone approaches you with the guarantee you will be on MTV, run as fast as you can. RapRehab, wants you to use your marketing dollars for good use. This bogus promotion company has already scammed dozens of indies, out of big dollars. Don’t be next! Here’s a look at the bogus email ploy:

from:  Jason Temple <[email protected]>
to:  Paul Porter <[email protected]>

Our segment is titled, “artist to watch” you can google and check it out. 

Myself and Sean Pecas (head A/R Def Jam) have been running this segment via MTV for years.
Here’s the details of thee dffrnf pckgs that’s available.
****theres only 5 Indy slots available per cycle (cycles are once a year) of which there are only 2 slots left. All slots are occupied first come first serve.****
You or someone in your front office should  call me 646.620
Only 2 spots remains for this year

         8 week plan -$2500

-Week 1-2 (low rotation, video airs 3-4 times a week, during 9pm-9am time block)
-Week 2-7 (low- med rotation, video airs once a day Sunday – Thursday, from the hours of 6pm- 9am block)
-Week 7-8 (med rotation, video airs once a day Sunday– Thursday, during 2pm-9am block)
16 week plan-$4000
-Week 8-12 (med- high rotation video airs once a day 7 days a week- anytime)
-Week 12-16 (high rotation video airs 2 times a day 7 days a week from the hrs of 9am- 12 Midniteprime time hours)
Full service plan-$6500
-Video airs for full year 52 weeks at highest rotation of 2-3 times a day,  hours of 9am-12 Midnite. For 30 of the 52 weeks.
The other 22 weeks your video will fluctuate Btwn rotations but never leaving prime time hour time slots.
-Artist will also be interviewed for “artist you should know” segment that will air along with the video, this will be a 3:30 minute segment that shows the behind the scenes and interest of the artist (where there from, what they have coming up, what your selling or preparing to sell)
-segment runs for 4weeks (FridaySaturdaySunday)
-Taping for that segment will be handled, edited by our camera crew. We will send camer crew to you to capture your environment (studio / home etc…)
-ALL VIDEO spins are BDS/Mediabase detected that you can monitor on a daily basis.
-All videos must be approved and edited and transferred to digi beta for posting. (we edit and transfer videos to digi beta, you will see final edit and approve before airing)
-All chyrons must be approved before airing
-Submission form must be filled out & returned by you before airing
$2500 8 weeks of spins
$4000 16 weeks of spins
All views/spins are BDS/Mediabase detected. So you can monitor your progress.
All views/spins average 49 million in audience from over 9 countries.
All videos must have submission forms filled out and label contact info attached.
Video chyrons and edits will designed and approved before airing.
If your interested please respond via email with contact info & a program rep. will contact you