By Brandi Worley


K. Gates preparing to premiere MTV webisodes, “Road to be a Rap Star”

Video shows the realities of A-list Hip Hop artists

If you ever wanted to know what the life of your favorite blinged out rapper is like in 2011 a new video is coming out soon. New Orleans, rapper/hustler K. Gates has been on the visual production side of entertainment lately.Gates is working on webisodes for and called, “Road to be a Rap Star.”

“We’re going to different spots like the BET Awards and interacting with relevant artists like The Game, Wayne, Kanye West. We’re going to rare parties, Mr. Chow parties, backstage at the BET Awards with YMCMB and MMG, and with our encounter they talk about what they’re working on,” Gates said. “Then I get them to tell their stories about some of the struggles and adversities they had to overcome on their road to be a rap star. That’s the whole premises of the show. It chronicles the grind. We’re selling cds, trying to network with different producers; it’s just the whole grind of an up and coming rapper.”

The 1:29 minute trailer shows Gates on the road and at different venues interacting with the artists. It’s an interesting look because fans are used to seeing the delicate journalist and rapper relationship, but this shows a rapper documenting other rappers.

Because of the different relationship, Gates’ cameraman and road buddy, Brandon Bettencourtt discovered information about an early Lil Tunechi.

“We met up with Cortez Bryant (Wayne’s manager), telling us how they didn’t always have big entourages; How it was just him and Wayne and at times there were only 50 people in the club. The arguments and stuff they would get into, the frustrations of the struggle,” Bettencourtt said. “It’s inspiring just to see some of that stuff, like they’re at big concerts and they will tell you that they were doing the same things we were doing, on the way.”

Along with the webisodes, Gates is working on his own new album, “Walking on Hellfire.” He just also released his mixtape “The Shaikdown” and new video “The Phall of the Pharaohs (Arab Spring Anthem),” which is the lead single off the cd.

Gates rose to fame with his “Black & Gold (Who Dat!!!)” song adopted by the 2010 Superbowl champion Saints. He said his goal is to encourage other artists with the new webisodes.

“We’re just putting it together,” Gates said. “We’re going to the (Manny) Pacquiao fight in Vegas. On the road with the Money Team (Floyd Mayweather)… (The video) gives us notoriety and branding, making money off of it with all different revenue forms and inspiring other artists to keep grinding.”

Fans can download Gates’ cd on his website at and follow @gateswave.

MTV’s Road to be a Rapstar