The types of musicians you’ll encounter and how they approach fame and fortune in the music biz

Fortune is one of the most spread out vices and many different types of people enjoy its benefits. However, just like people don’t want to be rich for the same reasons, they also don’t have the same approach towards getting there. If you’re interested in the different types of musicians that you can meet throughout your lifetime, here are some of the most “popular” stereotypes that have proven to be prominent in the music business over the years.

The permanent optimist who will stop at nothing to go pro

This is that person who, no matter how hard they’ve lost, always finds motivation to return. You might think this is a positive quality but think about the fact that they’re spending money to be this…positive. You will constantly hear them say things like “it’s ok, it was just a bad demo, this one will be better”.  While this sort of characteristic doesn’t seem that special, this category of musicians differentiates themselves from others through the fact that they take it to the extreme.

The opportunist

This kind of musician doesn’t bother betting on sure things or on smaller gigs. They are all about those huge performances that will make them billionaires overnight if they get it right. Of course, those odds are huge for a reason, and 99.99% of attempts of nailing down one such gig result in failure. Record labels don’t just give away free billionaire opportunities; they make sure you are REALLY good for it.  Nevertheless, the opportunist is the kind of musician that doesn’t pay attention to such things. They put down a hefty amount of resources in trying to secure on one or multiple high exposure gigs that they believe will forever change their lives. Some succeed through sheer divine grace, but the others get to return the next week and try again.

The unlucky one

You might say that everyone missing a gig opportunity is unlucky just like every person in prison is innocent. However, there are some amongst the music community that truly are unlucky. Picture getting some amazingly cool songs together and going on a very long regional tour, only to have your entire plan crumble due to bad planning or management issues, and at the very end and fail to be what the industry needs. That’s the stuff of nightmares but for some truly unlucky folks, it’s also a reality they often revisit.

The perseverant one

For most, it’s pretty clear that becoming a famous musician is also  about getting lucky while also putting quite a bit of hard work behind your choices. For others, however, it’s also about being consistent. No matter how rarely or often they win the crowd over, and how big their winnings are, they believe that the key to success is being consistent. That means constantly performing, not just in terms of playing gigs but also in terms of how many days per week you practice to better yourself.

There’s no doubt about the fact that putting your life on the line in order to have your musical abilities noticed by a record label is quite the gamble, but if you’re into that kind of stuff, you can check more out  at and get a little deeper in the world of gambling.