Once upon a time, if you had told people that it would one day be possible to perform all over the world without ever leaving your home, people would question your sanity. Fact is, high-quality live streaming video/audio has become a reality for anyone with a PC and an internet connection. But what is ground-breaking for an ever-increasing number of artists is that cyber-gigging has become an all-new, viable means of income, and without the expense and hassles of touring.

NuMuBu (short for New Music Business) has recently added a Tip Jar to its live streaming feature – NuMuBu Live! – which means that its members can now use it as a new source of revenue. NuMuBu Live! features CD-quality audio, HD video, tremendous ease of use, and it’s free to use with 19% of tip revenue going to NuMuBu to cover expenses. And because NuMuBu is the music industry’s social networking site, members can promote their broadcasts to an entire network of members from across the industry.
One of NuMuBu’s members, Jordan Reyne (, is a full-time, professional musician and cyber-gigger. When not involved in her usual venue gigs and touring round Europe, Jordan performs between five and eight times per week right from her home in Birmingham. In fact, she has even been able to quit her day job as she has the combination of traditional and cyber-gigging down to a science. She’s even writing a book on the subject. You can catch her live performances every Wednesday at 2pm EST on NuMuBu. She also conducts weekly free live webinars with Q&A on the subject eachTuesday at 2pm EST. To participate, visit at 2pm EST any week.
If you’ve never done live streaming before, you’ll find that live streaming is easier than you think and can even be done with multiple cameras and off-the-board mixes for maximum effect.
For more info, contact [email protected].