By: Ural Garrett


The Whitney Houston and Wendy Williams spat in 2002 seem to have repeated itself with yesterday with an on air spat between Nicki Minaj and Hot 97 DJ FunkMaster Flex over Young Money Cash Money’s “late in the game” pull-out during last Sunday’s Summer Jam after Rosenberg made some references toward the female MC. According to reports, Rosenberg mentioned to the effect that Minaj and her current single from Pink Friday: Roman’s Revenge “Starships” were absolute crap.

Radio complaining about commercialism? Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black.

The most important question on the other hand is: What self respecting radio station disrespects an artist who they pay to headline their festival?

Hearing Rosenberg speak that way about Minaj and the current state of Hip-Hop is commendable but considering he works for a corporation that accepts side funds from major labels to keep their records spinning was sort of backwards. The same goes for FunkMaster Flex who only seems to want to bully females. What’s up with that? I know someone out there remembers the spat with Olivia along with the fact that it’s been made clear on how much DJs get to spin records.

Minaj, on the other hand, came off pretty ballsy but she knows who plays her music. Her label is still going to hand over the cash to have her music played to the station. In fact, her and the YMCMB crew are holding a free concert for those who attended Summer Fest anyway.

The point? Don’t expect the handholding between urban radio and major labels to end soon but it seems like the two might be unraveling just a little.

Maybe Hot 97 finally will give more of an ear toward independent artists.