We have reached a new low. Words, images and the kids that absorb them don’t matter anymore. Desensitized and reprogrammed are the eyes and ears of those that consume pop culture.

Nicki Minaj and her latest video “Stupid Hoe” is the new poster child for what’s wrong with the entertainment machine. While HIV rates disproportionally continue to increase for Black and Latino youth, Minaj nails black on black negativity with “Stupid Hoe”.

While music enthusiats will defend Minaj and others, clear eyes have focused on the negative tsunami that corporate rap has green lighted in the past ten years.

Stupid is in. The portrayal of dumbed down Black America has sky rocketed since Viacom’s “Flavor of Love”. The array of reality programming aimed at exposing select pockets of black culture is working. Real House Wives of Atlanta, Love and Hip Hop, Basketball Wives and Viacom’s constant series of ex-offenders shows on VH1 and BET unfortunately are today’s norm.

Stereotyping adults and targeting children are both media tools that too often go unnoticed for people of color. Nicki Minaj and “Stupid Hoe” is another teen targeted assault on kids, green lighted by adults that profit or are too lazy to filter our youth.

Paul Porter