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Nostalgic Rap: Style Jukebox Reveals New iPhone App – Rap Rehab

    Looking back through your digital music libraries and feeling nostalgic about times past can be a very precious thing. Whether it’s the first ever rap you’re your uploaded to your iTunes or your very first Public Enemy album there’s a new app and web-based service that can catalogue these in chronological order.

    Style Jukebox allows users to download its iPhone app and upload their music libraries to the app, which in turn transforms said library into the running order in which the music was uploaded to the library. Thus, users can listen to some of their earliest purchases without having to think back to when they purchased said record/s. Sound great?

    The app works in the following way, according The Next Web for its iPhone and Web-based apps:

    “Upload your tracks (MP3, WMA, AAC or OGG; premium users can also upload lossless FLAC or M4A (ALAC) files too) via Style Jukebox’s Windows desktop app or the Web player, and you can then access your music library to stream or download tracks at their maximum quality on another desktop or device.”

    For the free edition of the iPhone and web-based app you can upload as many as 3,000 songs to the library. But with the premium account, users are able to synchronize it with up to 10 devices and upload up to 25,000 of your favourite rap and hip hop songs no matter what the format.

    Style Jukebox is aiming to prevail amid the current boom that the mobile market is experiencing. With industry specialists Gaming Realms PLC, the portal Spin Genie stating “mobile Internet is becoming one of the most powerful trends in the Internet landscape,” many leading music apps are being launched in this fledgling market by global brands. And while Style Jukebox is anything but a global brand at present, it has lofty expectations for 2015.

    The revenues that it hopes to receive from its Linux and Mac web-based application along with the premium accounts available, Style Jukebox is hopeful this will help fund further improvements to the service in the not too distant future. But even in its current format, the streaming service is the ideal way to look back at your favourite rap songs from yesteryear when you first fell in love with music.