There is a special movement that’s about to start across the nation headed by Public Enemy’s Chuck D called “Occupy Free Air Movement”. RapRehab is proud to be a part of it.



Occupy FREE Air launches in September 2013 where we push for ALL USA radio signals to play 40% of their playlists for local (150 mile radius) artists at that time there will be thorough Identification of every Program Music Director, Owner & Management individuals of the Airwaves.

Here are some recent TWEETS  from Chuck D himself talking about this potentially powerful movement discussing the basic’s of the movements reasoning, general purpose & game plan.

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  • Simple question: Why have a signal broadcast to a region full of artists on a playlist who NEVER will come there, while local acts suffer?
  • Eventually I propose every artist know the location of your local station, it’s antenna and offices. They are required to identify themselves
  • Local artists not being heard locally is like local business being destroyed. Radio has turned into The Enemy of The People #occupyfreeair
  • Canada radio is required to play % of Canadian artists in every Air playlist. In USA #OccupyFreeAir pushes for 40% to local artists Stand UP!
  • I would say the term racist applies to these strangers who have been strangling black music & Hip Hop in this ambiguous term known as ‘urban’
  • If you are an artist reading this don’t you even deserve a chance to be heard locally? Get up ,stand Up snatch your AIR back #occupyfreeair
  • What sense does it make for these Hot or Power Corplantations supporting 2 major no indie labels,while shutting doors on its local scenes???
  • Forever the community has resisted in supporting local art of RAP thus RAP has dissed the hood with help of Corplantation Urban radio.
  • Identify your stations location and signal tower. There’s a million artists ready to be heard in their home AIR space follow @occupyfreeair
  • A good summer to destroy Corplantations of the air so your local artists voices can get heard & local love #occupyfreeair is ready today!
  • Eventually the criminal 1996 Clinton Michael Powell telecommunications Act allowed the masses to be pied pipered by a chosen few. Occupy Air
  • Identification of these individuals across Airwaves PDs MDs Owners Managements start on  on July1 follow @OccupyFreeAir
  • Eventually a movement that makes sense goes from 1000 to many thousands quickly like a virus or wildfire. These adversaries number under 100
  • The toxins that I’ve witnessed on urban Hot97-Power105,are worse on black folk than the kkk. They must be accountable or destroyed. REALTALK!
  • Older New Yorkers of color have watched their voice & opinion get choked from the AIR by a cowardly chosen few. Stand Up especially you Artists
  • I have already spoken to over 100,000 ppl this spring in the USA. The movement is in effect. Local artists demand your AIR space summer 2013
  • #OccupyFreeAir demands the community investigate & takes back the AIR coming at them. This is not a a twitter rant, rather a call foraction
  • Program & Music directors as well as owners managements will simply be identified to the masses thy broadcast to. No more anonymity. Know Them!
  • By September there will be massive protests in front of USA radio stations by Artists & community folk, preventing ppl from going to that job
  • Quite simply #OccupyFreeAir is a call for these stations to be accountable or destroyed. Eventually protests will stop these ppl from working
  • #OCCUPYFREEAIR Is a movement of DEMANDING 40% OF local ARTISTS (All genres) To be heard on 150 mile radius of their HOME signal. It’s MOVEMENT time!