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Commercial Rap: A Pipeline to Prison?

This isn’t an attack on Hip Hop. There are countless new MC’s, despite being lesser known then their commercial counterparts, who are creative, insightful and keep Hip Hop alive

How Black Music Was Neutralized

In the late 70’s, the term “Black Music” was slowly being replaced with “Urban Music”. Going further, Black Music Departments at various labels across the nation were renamed Urban Music Departments. The industry, focusing on profit over culture, reasoned that this name-change would make Black music easier to market to mainstream audiences.

Baltimore, Media Propaganda and How to Make White People Feel Comfortable

In typical fashion, mainstream media has brushed aside the human element and deeply troubling cause of the unrest, choosing to sensationalize looting and property damage instead.

Ben Carson, Keep Hip Hop Out Your Mouth

Ben Carson is a clown. The conservative presidential hopeful has a documented history of blurting out nonsensical and offensive gibberish. I guess that makes him a perfect contender for public office.

Radio and TV Veteran Reveals Music Industry’s Dirty Secrets

Paul Porter, founder and former B.E.T. program director made an appearance on Take No Prisoners Radio to spill the beans about what’s happening behind the scenes of the rap music industry

The Letter That Shocked the Entertainment Industry: One Year Later

But my music industry sources confirm that there’s a very real concerted effort to “whiten” the face of “Urban” music…and it’s only a matter of time before the truth is revealed.

An Open Letter to Azealia Banks

Surprisingly, your music doesn’t reflect your social awareness…or maybe I’m missing something. However, now that you have the world’s attention, it’s the perfect time to infuse some of your insight and socially relevant themes into your music.

Major Label Launches Search for the White Tupac

Looking for someone with natural swag, street smarts, and good looks who feels comfortable rapping about street life while appealing to a 12-17 year old white female demographic.

Raising Pro-Black Biracial Children

My wife is Black. I’m white. And we’re raising our biracial children to be Black and proud of it.

What Do I Tell My Son About the Value of His Life?

My wife and I have raised our son to be socially-conscious and culturally-aware. We’ve had “the talk” more times than I can count. But is that enough to stop the world from labeling him a “thug” just because he’s Black?