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The White Rap Takeover

Are white artists really taking over rap and R&B or are we just acting like narrow-minded paranoids? Back in May, the Billboard Music Awards awarded Justin Timberlake as best R&B artist, Eminem as best rapper, Robin Thicke with best R&B song, and Macklemore for best rap song.

Who Really Runs the Show @Hot 97

Message to Rosenberg and company: Hip Hop has its leaders and authority figures who have been appointed as such by virtue of their years in the culture, iconic status, commitment, and on-going contributions to Hip Hop. Only a fool would think otherwise.

3 Reasons Why Rappers Need a Creative Consultant

Make no mistake, no creative consultant can make you a star overnight. However, they can help you get closer to your goals. I’ve worked with many artists, some famous, some up-and-coming, and regardless of how talented they are, they’ve all benefited from the services of a creative consultant.

X-Men, Batman, Superheroes and Hip Hop: A Match Made in Heaven

Hip Hop has always been about strength, heroism and at times, dominance, whether it is the B-Boy/Girl who defies gravity while battling rivals, the graffiti artist who creates new dimensions through the magic of paint, the MC who defeats competitors with razor-sharp verbal darts or the beatboxer who manipulates sounds waves and frequencies.

Jay-Z and Solange it’s not what you think

Interestingly enough, at the core of many of these sensationalistic stories, lie critical issues such as racism, domestic abuse, corruption, sexual exploitation, and many other topics worthy of intelligent public discourse.

Sex for Profit: VH1, Mimi Faust and Hollywood Pedophillia

It’s no secret that for decades, the entertainment industry has used sex to sell music, movies, TV shows, products, and even lifestyles. However, recent events point to something much more disturbing…and sinister.

Facebook Co-Signs Racist Michelle Obama Post

No matter your personal politics, this picture reveals the deep-seated racial psychosis so many people are afflicted with.

The FCC has a double standard for corporate rap

Firstly, for those who don’t know, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is the government agency in charge of regulating all communication in the United States. They’re also responsible for monitoring explicit language, content, and images in public broadcasting

Can Rap still Fight the Power?

Public Enemy educated black communities to Fight the Power of oppression and let them know they weren’t alone with songs like 911 is a joke in your town. NWA told people to Fuck the Police, not because they were proud hardcore criminals, but because they were tired of oppression and police brutality. These are just two examples of many.

‘Notice to Black Artists’: Starts Billboard industry debate

‘Notice to Black Artists’: Behind R&B’s Struggle at Radio & The Letter That Has the Industry Buzzing