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Sometimes The Haters Are Right!

I’ll be the first to admit it. I’m a hater. I embrace the title proudly. I hate artists with violent, misogynist, drug and crime related content. I hate rappers who lack even the most basic rhyme skills.

Music Industry Tricks of the Trade

You can bet that the more resources an artist has access to, the greater the chances are that at least one of these methods has been utilized. Do your own research and you’ll probably discover many more shocking methods.

6 Traits of the Delusional Artist

This artist makes a good first impression. They say all the right things, appear to have done the research, and come off friendly and courteous. They ask the right questions and seem to have a grasp on the music business and where their career is heading. They schedule an appointment to start working, and then, POOF!

Black Pop Culture: A Racist Corporate Fabrication

Today’s popular Black culture, as seen in mainstream media, is a corporate fabrication: a caricature born from the mind of narrow minded white executives whose racism and bias created an image of Black people based off their stereotypes, fears, and fantasies

What’s Right About Hip Hop

But the truth is, there’s an overwhelming amount of incredible new Hip Hop music coming from the underground.

6 Reasons Why You’ll Never Make it as a Rap Star

Just because your friends big you up doesn’t mean you’re good. They’re just as clueless as you are. After all, they think Chief Keef has skills so how can you trust their opinion.

Lyricist or Lyrically Challenged?

Following the verdict that shocked the world, I’m naively expecting some of these big name mainstream rappers to use their music to address Trayvon Martin’s case and the issue of racial profiling which has become a national epidemic.

How “White Privilege” makes everyone sick?

White supremacy, the system that perpetuates the belief that “whiteness” is superior, affects the mind, spirit and body of the unaware.

Are you a New Slave of Corporate Rap?

I don’t expect rappers to suddenly become full time activists, civil rights leaders or politicians but I do expect them to use their voice to address the ills that plague the very communities that they and a large portion of their fans come from.

The Solution for Mainstream Rap Music

We’ve spent so much time promoting our efforts to end this “dark” period in rap that we’ve neglected to shine light on what’s good about Hip Hop.