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Kids Speak out against the Influence of the Music Industry

Don’t let the industry fool you into thinking that what they market is a simple case of supply and demand. Don’t let the industry mislead you into thinking that they’re just giving rap fans the kind of music they want.

Rap Music, Censorship and a Real Life Conspiracy

But what is a conspiracy? Does it always have to be hatched in secret by groups of shadowy men who promote their twisted agenda through seemingly harmless avenues?

The Music Industry Petition To Promote Conscientious Rap

We are seeking balance in mainstream rap music by asking that the following listed executives give an equal amount of marketing, publicity and airtime to more positive and conscientious rap artists…

How 17 yr old Lorde states the problems of black music #Grammys

It took a 17 year-old girl from New Zealand to bring attention to a problem that’s been plaguing rap music for years while a 1000 rappers who have been trying to do the very same thing for the last two decades have been overlooked, silenced, and even mocked for being relics of a bygone Hip Hop era.

Take No Prisoners Radio

In this episode, we discuss Ferguson, Police Brutality, misogyny, white supremacy and racism, and the state of Hip Hop.