This is almost like trying to describe being wet to fish. Most of us are only concerned with what affects our day to day. We can’t talk about “WE” (the USA) while only being concerned about things pertaining to our (different and separate) selves.
It does matter that a poem/song with lines like “for the land of the FREE” was adopted in the early 1900s as our National Anthem while “free” white women couldn’t vote and “free” black people couldn’t do simple stuff like swim in pools, go to shows or even purchase, rent, (let alone even NEGOTIATE to have) a place to live. Note the fact that Key (the author) owned slaves and indicted black newspapers for reporting on the disproportionate police brutality upon NOT “free” black people back then (different era but the exact SAME issue being protested in 2016). To say the anthem doesn’t have intrinsic racist motifs is to not know the anthem and it’s ok for you not to know, but once you’ve read the whole song, understand the lyrics’ context and then choose to turn a blind eye, then you’ve made that choice. (Doesn’t change the facts tho’.)
The anthem may not be a symbol of hate to you, heck it hardly is for me, but it IS a symbol of our Nation..officially. And when our Nation still has blatant examples of systemic hate woven into the fabric of its very infrastructure, then logically the anthem can be viewed by those oppressed by those hateful policies as an extension of such. Follow me so far, Mr. (Name Deleted)?
I honor and respect you and everyone else who’s served for serving this country. Salute.
I said it here before: it’s OK for the flag to mean different things to different people. That’s what America IS. But Ginger and others will remind you that we’ve been easily distracted because CK isn’t protesting the flag or the anthem; he’s protesting the disproportionate brutality upon black Americans by police (of any race).
I would LOVE to turn the other cheek…except, I might get shot in it by a crooked cop, on video, while complying during a routine traffic stop, die, not come home to my family, while said officer continues to exist with zero punitive damages nor any recourse for my Wife, child, family or loved ones. That is my 2016 reality, not some 2006, 1996, 1986, 1976, 1966, 1866 or 1776 “notion” as you put it. And if WE are all citizens in this still (despite its serious flaws) great country, then WE all should be active in making sure that the heinous realities of some become realities to none of “US.”
To your point about loving each other: I TOTALLY AGREE. I LOVE my Wife. I LOVE my Daughter. And when either tells me that they’re in pain, I don’t question it: I jump into immediate action to fix what is hurting them. I don’t wish they told me in a different way. I don’t care about any ancillary issues. I don’t ask them what they are going to do about what is hurting them. I go straight to the source of their pain and start fixing. How amazing would it be if Americans did the same on a large scale?”
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