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Poetry: Somewhere Near the Truth

    Now, the police won’t come at all,

    I’ll be forced to buy a gun.

    Thanks to my second amendment rights,

    I can kill my neighbor’s son.

    Who beats the street with impunity;

    He terrorizes the torn.

    Got drug boys cruising on my street

    If I report, I fear their scorn.

    We can’t have it both ways, you know?

    The keeper and the kept,

    Are both the same in many ways.

    When they died, their families wept.

    For you see, I think we sometimes forget

    That cop is someone’s child.

    And who do we call when we fear trouble

    From released inmates running wild?

    Someone said the force is full of cowards,

    And for some, that statement’s true.

    But I wonder just how brave you’d be,

    If vengeful mobs were chasing you?

    Honest police work hard to protect our lives.

    But they don’t work to die.

    Yet, they know that when they shot ‘em down,

    Their defense is deemed a lie.

    The bad cops are a problem.

    The blue code they use to hide,

    All the corruption and the murders,

    To the law, they don’t abide.

    But most police have integrity.

    And they want to make things better.

    How can we blame them for giving up,

    When we place them in the fetters?

    Cops say, let our detractors fend for themselves,

    While the savage barbarians rule.

    Let them live like they’re in the wild, wild, west,

    Looting and splashing in bloody pools.

    You can’t tell the good guys from the bad.

    To survive, good guys dress like thugs.

    Branded all under one negative label,

    But only the bad guys get the hugs.

    There are many more good guys than bad,

    We just fixate on the brutes.

    Narcissists with no home training;

    Jail time makes them more astute.

    The day the police don’t come at all,

    And all the ammo’ belongs to the crooks.

    Might be too late to change our position,

    ‘Letting criminals off the hook.

    Now is the time to stand up for what’s right

    Like Baltimore mother disciplining her child.

    She knew she’d taught him the right way to go.

    Her honor will not be defiled.

    What will become of our future,

    If anarchy is the way?

    To respond to disagreements

    Our cities burned down to the fray.

    Learn from this Nation’s history

    Uncivil disobedience is nothing new.

    They’ll just restore the besieged cities,

    And no one there will look like you.

    I’m sure some folks are making money,

    Instigating all this strife.

    We’ll be sheep set up for slaughter,

    If we don’t honor every life.