Los Angeles, CA, February 2015 – Paul Porter, founder and former B.E.T. program director made an appearance on Take No Prisoners Radio to spill the beans about what’s happening behind the scenes of the rap music industry. Only on its third episode, the new Hip Hop show which specializes in addressing controversial topics around race, current events, the entertainment industry and Hip Hop culture gave Porter a perfect platform to discuss the ugly side of the music business.

A 30 year industry veteran, Porter is known for his telling-it-like-it-is approach and has gone head to head with the likes of Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly.  “Shows like Take No Prisoners Radio are important because they give a voice to people who aren’t afraid to speak the truth,” says Porter.  “After all, where else can you openly talk about how corrupt some of these record labels and radio stations really are without being silenced?”

Take No Prisoners Radio hosts Sebastien Elkouby and Camille H felt having Porter on the show was a no-brainer.  “Paul is someone we look up to. His perspective is valuable because he’s seen the game change over decades and hasn’t sold out like so many industry folks have,” says Elkouby. Camille adds, “We don’t  have major corporate ties so we’re free to explore controversial subjects and have the most outspoken guests without risk.”

Check out Episode 3 of Take No Prisoners Radio: