Jeff Walker has always had one foot in the hip-hop world and one in the therapeutic world. He created Rhymecology to act as a bridge between therapists/counselors/teachers and the youth they serve. Hip-hop has a seat at the education table now but not in the Mental Health world, Rhymecology aims to change that.

This game changing approach to working with youth is now available in book format for therapists, counselors, social workers and anyone who works with youth at-risk. The guide offers step by step, easy to follow lessons for mental health professionals to use with adolescents who love hip-hop music and culture. Whether you are a seasoned hip-hop veteran or a hip-hop novice, the culturally relevant techniques and exercises presented will help you create a “Rap Rapport” with your client and open up new ways to help them heal. The guide also details countless songs, artists and albums, all of which can be used in therapeutic sessions!

As The Rhymecologist, Jeff Walker also uses his platform to write, perform and teach the Art of Hip-Hop Lyrics across the world. His rhymes have been featured on 60 Minutes, TNT (Inside the NBA), ESPN, Fox Sports Radio, Power 106 FM and more. As an artist he has shared the stage with the likes of Canibus, Lyrics Born, Sage Francis and more. He has won numerous poetry slams throughout the country.

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