A Denouncement of Rick Ross: From Correctional Officer to Private Prison Advertiser

Dear Mr. William Leonard Roberts II, AKA RICK ROSS

You’ve never made me feel like “Tupac’s back”. In fact, your whole image is blasphemous and sounds like you’ve been directly funded by the CIA. Couldn’t they have picked one with a more neutral background? You are an ex correctional officer now promoting the image of drug dealing in every single song, you have even high jacked the name of a notorious drug dealer and have successfully glamorized his image across borders that he could never get to. Your high energy beats, that seemingly fuel people, are suggestively influencing people to accumulate, consume and glamorize a gangster lifestyle. You have redirected our African American youths rage as far away from revolution as possible. Your purpose serves as an excessively massive distraction. Your song, By Any Means, Is a disgusting insult to humanity. You claim you are a “field nigga”, but you are just a house slave singing for master and misleading your brothers and sisters.

You are just a puppet of corporate executives, promoting fancy cars and jewelry to our brothers and sisters even if they have to sell drugs and kill for it, is not what Malcolm X was about. When will you pick up the fight against corruption instead of showing off your money accumulation to those who have nothing? How can we alleviate poverty, not how can we all become young millionaires, as if that’s possible, or drive new Benzes and brag about expensive shit most of us can’t afford.

You are not special or unique because you were a lucky one who was handed more scraps than the rest of us, and your prison guard background does not hurt! There is nothing admirable or respectable about making tons of money from misleading the youth and masses.

The Guts

(Anonymously Submitted)

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